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LL Fashion Shoot: Steve Bliss and Amelie Lerma

LL Fashion Shoot

I had the luck to get introduced Amelie Lerma, a wonderful, sweet and beautiful actress from Paris, who stayed at my place for two days. My sister met her through a modelling contest for United Colors of Benetton, they were both in the red hair contest and Amelie got through to the last round - My sister showed me some pictures of her and I absolutely fell in love with her as she is just the kind of girl I imagine wearing my dresses: petite, elegant, cute, big eyed and with a beautiful, delicate skin.

Steve managed to get more dresses photographed than usual as we had more time, starting earlier.

We also took some images of previous dresses such as the map dress and the tree name dress that have a low back. Last time they were photographed from the front only, which I obviously didn't know until I had the images, so we had to re-do them this time. I was a lot more nervous and stressed this time as I had to arrange some things that were going wrong - but everything turned out well and luckily Amelie is so naturally beautiful that doing her make-up and hair myself turned out OK.

It was so exciting to see all the dresses on the rack - not a big deal, but not something I'd done before.

Here are my favourites pictures for each dress:

This post was originally published on in May 2010

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