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LL Fashion Shoot: Terence Webb and Aisha Krupska

LL Fashion Shoot

Working with Terence is always great as he's not only bubbly and enthusiastic but he manages to get high gloss images without getting tacky. They're elegant and striking and he works wonderfully with models.

I know Aisha through Miles, who I went to university with and whose brother Duval Timothy's art pieces I am borderline obsessed with. Usually there's no way I would have been able to afford having Aisha as one of my models, but because she already liked my clothes and was happy to do it for a friend's price, it could be done, and I'm still grateful to this day for the gorgeous pictures that were created.

Behind the scenes:

This was the most well prepared of all my photo shoots so far. We painted the wall, had studio paper, the clothes neatly organised on a shelf and pre-photographed so everybody involved was prepared in advance, space for make up, detailed location prep of the library corner shelves - it was all done and ready by the time they arrived.

Painting the wall in advance:
It had been a while, so there were a lot of new pieces to shoot. We had to initially postpone the date of the shoot because Aisha was hooting a campaign with Burberry, which was very exciting. 
It's lunch time with model Aisha Krupska, hair and make up artist Aman Dhami, and Photographer Terence Webb:


This post was originally published on in August 2014

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